Cyberrunner Zero, an epic sci-fi endless runner that is out on Google Play and will be available for iOS soon. A running demo of the game was nominated for Best of Game Art Indie Prize Award at Casual Connect 2014.

Cyberrunner Zero is OY Games’s very own take on the endless runner genre; a gravity defying 4 directional running game complete with a futuristic cyberpunk theme to boot. The game sports top notch graphics and explosive effects. Can you help the runner escape the evil science facility?

Cyberrunner Zero Features:

✔Fast paced heavy action running: The game becomes faster and more challenging over time.

✔Dynamic obstacles: Avoid patrol droids and security measures that were put into the facility to prevent escape subjects!

✔4 Directional Pathways: Utilize all four sides of your screen to avoid obstacles and enemies!

✔Armor Abilities: Collect cubes to activate special armor abilities such as the Blade Armor that lets you slice through enemy droids!

✔High score racing: challenge your friends on Facebook to show them who has the faster reflex!


Gameplay Video

Game Screenshot