Why Oh Why, Let’s Play Games! or O.Y Games is an ambitious, up and coming digital multimedia studio based in Malaysia. We specialize in game development industry. We create inventive, fun and quality games in both traditional and modern formats.  We’ve made it our mission to create a worlds that inspire other people and immerse them in another reality.
Our company’s leadership has combined decades of experience in proven development strategies, which we bring to bear on every project we handle.



If you’re looking for a game developer for your next PC or mobile project we’ve got you covered. We can provide complete end-to-end game development solutions, taking care of your IP across its lifetime.


We help to produce interactive content for event, product launches, roadshows and special occasion celebrations, exhibition. Your demand will be satisfied, whether you are looking for a product on demand or an outsourcing development team.


We are experts at exploiting leading-edge augmented reality and virtual reality technologies and putting them to work for our clients.


We can provide you with wonderful AR visualizations for your audience. We combine innovations, creativity and research to provide the best augmented reality services to our clients. Our AR developers have a wide range of technical proficiencies and can build a variety of high quality AR solutions for both consumer and enterprise projects


Cyberrunner Zero

March 4, 2015